More cats :)

"Poser" - a cute little gray and white kitten. :)

“Poser” – a cute little gray and white kitten. 🙂

The top picture is “Mama Wide” (due to the wide stripe on her nose); her sister, “Mama Narrow”, had a thin stripe on her nose. Which worked as a really good way to distinguish the two, as they looked so much alike as kittens. Being a preacher’s wife, I suppose, brought their names to mind, based on the scripture from Matthew 7:13 (which is, no doubt, a hard scripture).

Mama Wide had 4 kittens all told, and each a different color: Whitey (a white kitten), Tiger (a beautifully striped cat), Morris (who is yellow, and reminds me of Morris the Cat, from the 9 Lives commercials), and Poser (gray and white, and holds wonderfully still for photos!). I will, in a later post, show you some more pictures of them. Tiger & Morris are the only 2 still left, and both have turned into beautifully sweet cats, with eyes that will pierce any cat-lover’s heart.

Thanks for stopping in to look. More animal pics to come and I promise I won’t just post cats (though I have so many wonderful models at hand).


2 thoughts on “More cats :)

    • Thank you so much! I am enjoying posting about the kitties and the jewelry. I am trying to be more consistent with my posts this year – so far, so good, though a couple of close calls! 😉

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