Mother’s Day Keychain ~ Yellow Matryoshka Keychain

Yellow Matryoshka Keychain

Yellow Matryoshka Keychain

I used to have a Russian nesting doll that a dear aunt gave me, but somewhere along life’s journey I lost track of it. I remember what a neat gift I thought it was – one doll nested inside another. This cute keychain is sweet reminder of the Matryoshka gift from long ago. This one, however, does not open, but is still very precious! Made of wood and hand-painted (not by me) and then paired with a hand-stamped heart charm (stamped by me) with “mom” and a trio of flowers, this fun keychain would make a great gift for Mother’s Day, for a new mom, or for any celebration of a mom!

You can see it in my online store, along with a purple one, here: I only have one of each (yellow & purple), and these may be the only two I will ever have. If you are in need of a special, unique “mom” gift, this cute keychain might just be a perfect match!

Thank you for stopping by to look!
God bless,


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