New Armor of God Ephesians 6 Keychain

This Christian keychain is the latest edition to my Ephesian 6 Armor of God collection. I include all six elements of the “panoply” of God represented as charms, along with a descending dove cross and a hand stamped shield as a reminder of the verses from Ephesians 6:10-13.

Panoply is defined as a full suit of armor, with not one element being left out. It is derived from the Greek word panoplia, which is from the Greek words pas + hoplon, meaning all/every + implement/weapon. Some Biblical translations use the phrase, “full armor”, others say “whole armor”, and at least one says to put on the “panoply of God” (Darby Bible Translation). But they all mean the same thing – we are to use the complete set of resources given to us from God in this spiritual battle that we are in, recognizing victory is only won in and through Him, not by our efforts or abilities.

You can see this item in my online shop and while there, be sure to check out my Full Armor of God section, as I have numerous items available to help remind us of this blessed and important scripture, and the battle that we face daily.

Thank you for stopping by! May the Lord bless and keep you now and always.
Yours in Christ,
Amy ❤


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