Bio: I am a Christian (follower of Jesus Christ) first and foremost. After that, I'm a wife, a daughter, a sister, a "mother" of numerous kitties, a sometimes-kinda gardener. I enjoy eating traditional, natural foods, and I am especially "spoiled" to eating delicious grass-fat beef that my husband raises. I enjoy reading, sudoku puzzles, long walks, photography (mostly nature, animals, buildings) and did I mention I like to make a bit of jewelry from time to time? 馃槈

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14 thoughts on “About

  1. I just received my Armour of God key chain yesterday. BEAUTIFUL! I had to re-package it to mail it out of the country right away so I didn’t keep it for myself. It’s a gift but I really wanted to keep it. I will definitely be getting myself one! Thank you for making it so beautiful and so personal!

    • Thank you, Ellie! I look forward to getting to know you, too! I can鈥檛 recall now how I found your blog, I may have seen you comment on another blog post. I鈥檓 glad to have found you! God bless!

  2. Beautiful pieces! Will you be making any more of the women’s blue jasper decade rosaries? I saw it and knew it was the ONE. Mary H

    • Thank you for your kind words, Mary! I’m so glad you like this rosary; it’s one of my favorite pieces, also. It is one-of-a-kind and no longer available, but I can look into perhaps finding components to make something similar, if you aren’t in a hurry (as it may take time for me to find “just the right” materials). Feel free to contact me here, or through my Etsy shop: amydavisart.etsy.com, or through my instagram or facebook pages, both under amydavisart. Merry Christmas to you & yours!
      In Him,
      Amy 鉂

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